MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring

UPC: 609132966576 (52mm)
UPC: 609132966583 (55mm)
UPC: 609132966569 (58mm)
UPC: 609132967337 (49mm)


The new MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring allows you to take advantage of the innovative MagFilter System with your own personal or favorite filters. The MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring is can support 52mm / 55mm / 58mm filters sizes (Choose one size during Checkout)


The MagFilter System uses a thin, low profile, metal adhesive ring to attach to the front of your compact camera lens. When you're ready to use your filter, the MagFilter attaches through strong magnets built into the MagFilter Adapter Body. Choose the size you need, and the kit will come with the threaded MagFilter adapter along with (2) adhesive metal rings - one spare.


[NEW] We've just added a new 49mm MagFilter Threaded Adapter. This version mounts to the same Lens Ring Mount as our 36mm CPL adapter to fit small cameras such as the Canon Powershot S95 / S100 /S110 (Choose this size during Checkout)


The 49mm version MagFilter Threaded Adapter shown with Canon S100.


49mm MagFilter Adapter for Canon S95 / Canon S100 / Canon S110



Listing Includes:

(1) MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring (choose one during checkout). Available to support either 52mm / 55mm / 58mm filters for Sony RX100 I, II, III, IV, V, VI / HX9V / HX20V / HX30V / Canon G12 / Canon G15
Or choose the 49mm MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring for use with Canon S95 / S100 / S110
(2) 2pcs Adhesive Metal Rings (attaches to front of camera)

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