The concept behind the Ztylus product line is to create an entirely new platform around the smartphone. Ztylus is redefining the utility of the smartphone case.

Have you ever bought multiple accessories for your smartphone, only to throw them away when you upgrade to a new phone?  The accessories become incompatible and you end up having to buy the accessories all over again for your new phone.  Also, you might not find the same accessories you want for the new phone.  It is a hassle and a waste of money. 

Ztylus is proud to introduce the world’s most versatile smartphone case.  With the innovative disc mount system, multiple attachment options are at your disposal with a single case.  When the time comes to upgrade the phone, only the case needs to be updated, as all attachments will still be functional due to the disc mount technology.

Continuous innovation is the key to our success and Ztylus will strive to pioneer this new category of multifunctional cases.