MagFilter CPL (Circular Polarizer) Filter

UPC: 609132967504 (42mm)
UPC: 609132967733 (36mm)


If you are unsure about which filter may fit your camera, please download and print our MagFilter System Template page (found here).


With the advent of digital photography, filters are not often used. The look of many different lens filters can be easily duplicated through image editing software, however there is one filter that Digital Photo or Digital Video has not been able to replace: The Polarizer. (see definition here on Wikipedia)

(Above) MagFilter used to remove glare from Retail Window. Shot with Sony RX100.

Polarizing filters work by cutting the amount of polarized, or reflected light, that reaches the digital sensor. Polarized light can be found everywhere, including reflections on the surface of water, glass, reflecting from the surface of leaves, and even reflect from the soft blue of the sky. Polarized light often makes objects appear shiny. The use of a polarizing filter can reduce this, and will help saturate the colors, particularly in landscapes that contain foliage and a vast blue sky. Polarizers are very important filters and will retain information during image capture that is normally lost and cannot be recovered in post processing.



High end compact cameras like the Sony RX100 or Canon S100 (above) with built in telescoping lenses can capture amazing quality images, but they could still benefit greatly from the use of filters such as Polarizers or Neutral Density Filters. Unfortunately, there has never been a simple, clean, and effective solution to mounting filters on these high end compact cameras - until now.

The revolutionary MagFilters provide the most innovative and unobtrusive filter solution to high end compact cameras. A very thin metal ring is first adhered to the front of the camera lens and still allows the lens to expand and retract back into the camera body.


Installing the MagFilter Video

The MagFilters quickly connect to the metal ring with strong magnets embedded in the MagFilter body. A grooved bevel design prevents slippage and ensures a secure bond to lock the MagFilter in place.







When not in use, the MagFilter can be quickly removed (no cumbersome unthreading involved) and the camera retains it's original compact form factor. The MagFilter system adds no additional bulk, which we find is an important feature for maintaining the pocket-ability of these small high end compact cameras, especially if you need to fit them back into their OEM travel cases.


To use the Polarizer, turn the MagFilter around until the image is corrected. See examples of our MagFilter Polarizer in use below taken with the new Sony RX100 Compact Camera.


(Above) Used to remove glare from water canal.


(Above) Used to remove glare from water, tree leaves, and sky.


(Above) Used to remove glare from tree leaves.


(Above) Used to remove glare from lake.



The MagFilters retain incredible sharpness with high quality Glass Optics Made in Japan encased in an all metal filter body. The metal filter body is designed Black with Red accents to look as good as your high end compact camera, and an anodized coating ensures lasting durability. For convenience, a teardrop neoprene travel pouch with spring clip is provided with each MagFilter purchase.


Our 36mm Polarizer MagFilter is perfect for small compact cameras like the Canon Powershot S95/S100, while our 42mm Polarizer Magfilter fits on cameras like the Sony HX9V, Sony HX20V, Sony HX30V, and the popular Sony RX100 I, II, III, IV, V, VI.


We are currently developing various creative filters in a variety of different sizes to meet all popular high end compact cameras on the market soon to follow after our Magfilter Polarizer.



This new product is currently available at Introductory Pricing. Please choose the correct filter size for your cameras.


If you are unsure about which filter may fit your camera, please download and print our MagFilter System Template page (found here).



Package include: (1) 1pcs MagFilter CPL (Circular Polarizer) Filter
(2) 2pcs Adhesive Metal Rings (attaches to front of camera)

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