GB-1 GearBox Video Cage

UPC: 609132966460

The P&C GearBox was designed to provide mounting options for the growing number of accessories needed for todays small video camera shooter. The new GearBox can support a full size Canon 5D Mark II inside of the cage without using the included extension adapters. With the extension adapters installed, the GearBox can support the Canon DSLR plus a Quick Release Adapter, or larger camera bodies. The exact dimensions inside the cage are 8.5 inches long by 6 inches tall. If not use height extenders remove 1.5 inches from height.


The black anodized metal bottom bracket has (5) 1/4-20 threaded mounts available underneath to attach a quick release plate if the entire GearBox unit needs to be tripod mounted.

The top black anodized metal bracket carries (14) 1/4-20 threaded holes and (9) 1/4" pass through holes for mounting a variety of hot shoe adapters, mini ball heads, or P&C Friction Arms.

Two rubber coated handles allow comfortable hand held operation and are spread apart to stabilize hand-held shooting styles. The GearBox has been designed to be portable, modular, lightweight, and can be easily disassembled to take up minimal bag space when traveling.

The P&C GB-1 GearBox can also be upgraded to use the optional GB-R 15mm Rod Adapter kit (not provided with this purchase) allowing you to mount your 15mm rig accessories (seen above). The GB-R upgrade kit can be found at the GB-R product page (Click Here).


GB-1 Purchase Includes: (1) GearBox Video Accessory Cage Only.


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