D-Fuse Softbox DF-1M

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This product does not included the LED Panel. 



Introducing The First Compact Collapsible Softbox


The D-Fuse is the first compact collapsible softbox that can be attached to most square LED panels to diffuse the light for a softer and natural look. The D-Fuse was created to quickly convert most square LED light panels into a softbox without adding bulk or weight.



D Fuse Soft box


Open the D-Fuse softbox and attach it via the attachment straps to soften the light. You can attach the straps onto all four sides of the back of the softbox to secure it to the LED panels.


D Fuse Soft box D Fuse Soft box

Carrying bulky lightboxes is a thing of the past when all you need is a D-Fuse to attach to your LED Light Panel. Imagine never having to take a bulky softbox ever again! Instead, the most convenient solution is to carry a lightweight D-Fuse that can be easily carried in your backpack.

Quick and easy to pack for any photo or video shoot. Get the best variety of lighting from what you already carry.



Installation of the D-Fuse Softbox onto a square LED light panel is easy! Simply unfold the D-Fuse Softbox and connect the magnetic rods on all 4 corners to expand the softbox. Once it has been opened up, just strap the D-Fuse onto the LED light panel and you're ready to go.





The magnetic locks will provide you with the the ability to collapse the D-Fuse softbox down to a very compact size, but it also provides you with the support and stretch to keep the softbox open.


D-Fuse is constructed with an unbleached nylon fabric. Unlike processed diffusion materials, these professional materials will soften your light source, without changing its color temperature.



What's Included

1 X Carrying Case

1 X D-Fuse Softbox

4 X Attachment Straps


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